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In past discussions, you were asked to provide multiple perspectives to literature. This discussion is different. This week, you read a poem and a slave narrative illustrating two different perspectives of the same movement abolition. Slave narratives were a particularly popular genre in the antebellum period and had considerable impact on the struggle to end slavery in America.


Background information:

Abolitionist Writers:

Longfellow’s Poem:

Douglass’ work: and


For your original post this week, please choose one of the following topics and create an original post that adheres to length, quality, and source guidelines that are outlined in the syllabus. Here are the possible topics:

  1. Discuss how Longfellows and Douglass works represent the abolitionist movement and how each represent differing perspectives of that time.
  2. While Longfellow was an abolitionist, he was not an extremist. Find a work written by an abolitionist extremist and compare that work to Longfellows.
  3. In what ways can Douglass influence be seen in the works of later African American writers? How did he pave the way?
  4. 400 words in length at minimum (unless otherwise noted in the instructions) and contain at least one source cited in the text of the writing and cited at the end of the post like a works cited.