Abraham and Enoch in the Old Testament

The Prophets are huge figures and main characters all throughout the Old Testament. As you have learned in this course, not all prophets are the same. Choose both a centrally located, and peripherally located prophet for your paper. Describe their historical context, and highlight their locations and if they overlap using both biblical and extra biblical resources. Demonstrate an understanding of the title, “prophet,” and how your examples exemplify the role in the Old Testament.

Quick Response

Abraham is regarded as one of the most influential characters in biblical history. He is portrayed as an icon of faith based on the test he received from God about sacrificing his son even after having Isaac in the old age. His obedience and faith led to him being promised a great nation that would inherit all land(Nations, 2012). Similarly, Enoch the ancestor of Noah stands out since he is the only man who did not see death since God took him. Just as God promised Abraham to enlarge his family, Enoch was taken up since he pleased God. The two prophets illustrate the role in the Old Testament by illustrating that God rewards people who find favor before Him…

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