The assignment concentrates on Accelerated Bridge Construction. Besides, there is a  review of Florida International University. So, pretend that you’re an engineer working at a firm.

Accelerated Bridge Construction – Florida International University Review

Description This was a story ripped from the headlines about 2 years ago. This is about the bridge at Florida International University (FIU) that collapsed and killed a group of people. I need you to compare and contrast the accelerated bridge construction versus conventional bridge construction. Lastly, pretend that you’re an engineer working at a firm like the one that did the accelerated bridge construction for Florida International University. The public is panicking. How do you calm them? What do you say? What do you do?

Accelerated Bridge Construction – Florida International University Review

It was a memorable experience for me starting out as an 18 year old going into the adult world of college. I remember they had orientation for the students one day. The next day there was orientation that included the parents. I was blessed that my mother, who is now deceased, was able to attend that orientation because of her flexible schedule. Throughout my years at my alma mater, I established relationships plus support from my fellow classmates and professors as well. The students were all supportive of each other because everyone is trying to get through college at that time and graduate. Plus many the professors would work with us through any challenges that we had and they answered questions that we needed. Even had the pleasure of meeting the president once and she was very kind and friendly.

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