Ace report and summary

The CoViD-19 pandemic is still causing various operational challenges in organizations worldwide, exerting pressure for technological changes in most organizations, and Ace Company from California is not an exception. Although the initial systems upgrade program was started before the pandemic, the pandemic was a significant factor that made the original idea more critical. Departmental heads in Ace Company suggest several transformations to streamline the company’s operations. Ace’s main office has its date center, accounts, and sales departments in Toronto, Canada. Its other facilities are located in Burbank airport specializing in the customization of products, and it includes a research center. The sales offices are spread across some of the states of North America. 

The company’s projects that need transformations are the central enterprise resource planning system, customer relationship management system, and the research departments systems. The proposal includes upgrading these systems to accommodate the manufacturing processes and reach the state-of-the-art technology that offers room for remote working to reduce the number of staff pooled at the facilities. All the CRM systems data is transferred to the AWS cloud. A new expansion plan is to see Ace open new sales offices in Europe and a new manufacturing plant in Taiwan. Plans suggest a fourth plant to be opened in Europe. All the manufacturing plants should use their enterprise resource planning systems.

This assignment has helped me understand the phases of business expansion and the value of corporate social responsibility in organizations’ enterprise growth, protecting the employees in times of an epidemic. It also sheds light on a rare idea of a positive impact caused by the CoViD 19 pandemic for coaxing a Big company into adopting a significant technological milestone.


  • I learned the importance of business expansion in any growing company.
  • I learned the phases of transformations: determination, collaboration, and innovations.
  • I learned the importance of planning is each project.



Fig 1. Current state diagram


Fig 2. future state diagram