Assignment Question(s): This Assignment is a report-based assignment. Use the following headings to complete the Assignment.  

References are very much important.

1.Introduction: (Read Chapter 1) (5 Marks)

The introduction part must highlight / answer the follow points.

a. Concept of Public Administration. (1 Mark)

b .Highlight the essential characteristics of government. (2 Marks)

c .Presents an overview of the services that government provides and how those services affect citizens on daily basis. (2 Marks)

2.Administrative and organizational theory. (Read Chapter 2) (5Marks)

a .Summarize various classical and neo-classical management theories (Specifically Max Weber’s idea of bureaucracy, Frederick Taylor’s assembly-line approach to managing organizations, as well as Herbert Simon’s skepticism of these approaches). (2 Marks)

b .Discuss the following. (1 Mark each)

i. Structural theory.  

ii .Systems theory.  

iii .Organizational economic theory.  

3.Read Chapter 3 and write an essay in about 500-600 words on the following topic. (5Marks)

“Productive Human resource management and cultivating and maintaining a high-quality diverse workforce in public sector organizations”

Support your answers for each part of the assignment with proper references.