Review historical events tied to different authors’ viewpoints on how the advanced intelligence analysis concept is integrated into national security. In some cases you discerned what subject matter experts had to apply on short notice to provide policy makers with answers. In other examples, policy makers had time to ascertain possible enemy actions against the nation but did little to amplify the alarm in an intelligently aggressive manner.
For your assignment, should you decide to accept it, you are to choose an intelligence failure in US history (and not one used in previous submissions) and address these items with supporting evidence and within the style manual for citations:
• Detail what intelligence reform was needed to avert similar failures
• Describe the challenges of Intelligence reform, if any, that might have assisted in preventing the failure
• Tie all of this together for a final assessment of success if you were in charge and had to do it all over again
Your analysis is limited only by your imagination. Note the change in pages required which do not include the cover page or citations. Also note the deadline is earlier on Wednesday since grades are due first thing the following Monday. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.