The assignment describes Handling Obesity in Children. Besides, there is a description of Advanced Nursing Practice Review. So, evaluate if overweight are the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases.

Handling Obesity in Children – Advanced Nursing Practice Review

Firstly, my role specialization that I have chosen as an Advanced Practice Nurse is that of a Nurse Administrator. Obesity has become an epidemic in this country. Childhood obesity has been linked to adulthood obesity. Obesity contributes to a lot of long term issues and diseases. This is of particular interest to me because I myself have struggled with weight issues. I have had to drastically change the way I eat and exercise over time to help ensure that I live a healthier life. It is imperative to instill an autonomous outlook on health early in life. This is why I have chosen to focus on childhood obesity. Over the past years, obesity has become a global pandemic affecting both the adults and children. In the US, cases of children with obesity have been increasing (Skinner et al., 2018).

Handling Obesity in Children – Advanced Nursing Practice Review

According to several literatures, obesity and overweight are the leading cause of cardiovascular diseases. Type II diabetes, cancers, and other health-related problems. Advanced practice nurses may be the most preferred to provide education, preventive care, and treatment of chronic illnesses like obesity in children (Buckley & Bennett-Murray, 2018). As an advanced practice nurse, this paper seeks to evaluate the prevalence of obesity in children and the role of an advanced practice nurse in preventing obesity in children. Intervention measures aimed at either preventing the development of the condition or treating the disease. The preventive strategies include making changes to the curriculum of the school through the introduction of more physical activities. It can be attained by raising awareness and encouraging children to walk from home to school and back.

Handling Obesity in Children – Advanced Nursing Practice Review

Comparison, Outcome, and Time. The alternative intervention method involves giving the children drugs such as agave insulin, curcumin. Omega-3 fatty acids to control their weights. The project outcomes include changing the lifestyle of the patients both at school and at home. Also, the project aims to convince and motivate parents. To improve their children’s dietary patterns and overall lifestyle. In the end, the application of the intervention measures will reduce the deaths and risks of developing obesity among the targeted population. The process of treating or preventing overweight disease is slow and gradual, which requires ample time to change general behavior to achieve long term positive outcomes. Treatment intervention techniques include motivating families to adopt healthy diets consisting of plant-based foods and less sugar as well as red meat.

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