A reactor train of a 6 m3 CSTR followed by a 4 m3 CSTR is used to convert 3600L/hr of reactant A as a
1.8 mol/L solution in toluene. The solid catalyst (1000 GBP/kg) is continuously fed by a screw feeder into the reactor. The reaction rate is given by:

The kinetics are not temperature dependent, and the reaction is operated at 40℃. The physical system properties of the solution are the same as those of toluene.


  • (a) Determine the minimal catalyst feed rate in kg/hr for a 95% conversion of A.

10 marks

  • (b) A new, more stable catalyst has been discovered, priced at 3000 GBP/kg.

Is there a catalyst cost saving if a single plug flow reactor is used instead of the two CSTR’s?