Advocacy Action Plan: Professional Self-assessment & Professional Perspectives

Part 1: Advocacy Action Plan

To prepare for this assignment:

·         Access and complete the following two documents, located in this unit’s Readings:

o    Key Audience Policy Map

o    Key Audience Research Protocol


·         Think about your advocacy objective and the feedback you received from your colleagues during the Shared Activity.

·         Carefully consider the key audiences, i.e. those who can influence decision-making or the enactment of your efforts directly as well as individuals who have the capacity to influence the decision-makers.

·         Review the sources on strategies and alliances in this unit’s Readings.

·         To help you process and hone your thinking about your advocacy issue/problem, complete the Advocacy Strategy Exemplar. This document is one you could use as a foundation for your approach to persuade others to work for and create positive social change.


To complete your Unit 5 Project Part 1:


·         Write a 1000-word reflection paper in which you explain the following:


o    At least three specific points identifying how primary and secondary key audiences will help you attain your advocacy objective

o    In terms of research on your primary and secondary audiences, what resources you believe will be most helpful in carrying out this research and what might be most challenging in terms of conducting research on your key audiences


·         Using the Advocacy Strategy Exemplar, summarise your advocacy topic, objective and key audiences, also known as stakeholders, who might be impacted by this issue.

·         Then, choose at least three communication tools (listed on the exemplar) and explain how you would design and use each to help you to meet your objective and effect positive social change.

·         Be sure to include references to all sources, including your Readings, in Harvard Referencing Style.


Part 1 of this project should be approximately 1,000 words in length.


Part 2: Critical Reflection


How has your thinking about what it means to be an agent for positive social change transformed during the module? How will you ensure that you continue to grow professionally in this vital area and use your abilities as a social change agent to promote improvement in your field locally, nationally and globally?

Use Part 2 of this unit’s Project an opportunity to be reflective, mindful and reflexive not only about your learning in this module, but also about your professional growth in the areas of positive social change and advocacy since you began your programme of study.


To prepare for this assignment:


·         Complete the Advocacy Strategy Reflection.

·         In unit two of this module you completed an Advocacy Self Assessment. Re-visit and retake this assessment based on the social change advocacy process that you have completed during this module.

·         Reflect on the following questions:


o    How did your perceptions of advocacy and how you perceive yourself as an advocate, i.e. a catalyst for positive social change, transform during this module?

o    What are your goals for the future regarding advocacy work? What areas of your field, including specific populations, do you hope to positively impact? Why do you feel that your efforts are necessary?

o    What do you foresee as the benefits and challenges associated with your future advocacy work?

o    What steps can you take to overcome these challenges and maximise the benefits of your efforts?

o    What will you personally do to ensure that what you learned in this module and throughout this programme become an integral part of your future work as a professional practitioner who is a catalyst for positive social change?


To complete your Unit 5 Project Part 2:


·         Based on what you have learned in this module and your programme of study and feedback from colleagues and your instructor, write a critical reflection where you review all your learnings during this module about the advocacy process, targeting future areas of advocacy in your field, and critically evaluate how you have grown throughout your programme of study.


Note: Be sure to demonstrate critical reflection by supporting your thinking with citations from your readings referenced in Harvard Referencing Style. Refer to completed assessments during your writing but do not attach them as appendices.

Part 2 of this project should be approximately 1,250 words in length.


Your total submission should be approximately 2,250 words in length.
Advice on word count: Submissions that range from 10% below to 10% above the recommended word count are acceptable. Students should recognise that assignment submissions that fall outside these parameters may be marked down. This restriction encourages the development of a concise writing style, as assignment quality is likely to suffer given the potential for overly verbose submissions.


Assessment and Grading

·         Part 1 –Advocacy Action Plan (30% of project grade)

·         Part 2 – Critical Reflection (50% of project grade)

·         Writing and presentation style (20% of project grade)

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