Ongoing development of and support for state-level legislation to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities, achieve health equity, and improve population health across the United States should be a priority for public health advocates, researchers, and policy makers

. As an advocate for your selected health issue, discuss how stakeholders would advocate for legislation to reduce health disparities through state, city, or community laws.


Response Guidelines


Read and respond to the posts of your peers according to the guidelines in the FEM. What suggestions can you offer your peers to advocate for their selected health issues? Use current APA style and format for all in-text citations and references.


Learning Components


This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:


Analyze the work of peers and compare and contrast health program evaluation methods.

Support the chosen policies of a selected health issue.

Describe how a health program or policy affects a selected population.

Apply master’s-level skills in critical thinking, research, and writing.

Cite and reference resources in current APA style and format.