The assignment entails African Americans in Politics. Besides, there is a description of Racial inequality in United States. So, summarize, evaluate, and respond to an argument.

African Americans in Politics – Racial inequality in United States


Summarize, evaluate, and respond to an argument. The decline of black politicians in America amidst racial inequality. Must include direct quotes. Link to Article below

African Americans in Politics Amidst the current racial climate. For the most part, Americans believe slavery continues to have an impact on black people’s status. About six-in-ten U.S. adults say the legacy of slavery affects the position of black people in American society today either a great deal (31%) or a fair amount (32%).

African Americans in Politics – Racial inequality in United States

Some 36% say slavery doesn’t have much or anything at all to do with the current situation of black people. More than four-in-ten Americans say the country still has work to do to give black people equal rights with whites. Blacks, in particular, are skeptical that black people will ever have equal rights in this country. 

America is experiencing some of its most widespread civil unrest in years following the death of George Floyd.

Floyd was killed in police custody in Minneapolis on 25 May, and his death has underscored the many ways race and ethnic background drives unequal experiences among many Americans.

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