GER502: Ageing and Society in Asia

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The purpose of this ECA is for you to apply and reflect on what you have learnt in this course to tackle the needs relating to the topic of Ageing and Society in Asia. The case study proposal shall be applicable to a community in Singapore.

You are required to identify a community in Singapore that can benefit from this case study proposal by applying a best practice from an overseas country. In our local context, the beneficiary groups will be either 1) soon-to-be Young Old (50 to 60 years old) or 2) Merdeka generation or 3) Pioneer generation.

You are required to identify and examine two unmet needs emanating from one target group in an age-friendly society. It aims to create a more age-inclusive society and change attitudes towards older adults. Overall, it was designed to achieve success and eradicate ageism.

In this course, we have covered multiple case studies from many different countries which are experiencing challenges similar to Singapore due to the fast ageing society. Most popularly recognised is the multi-dimensional perspective approach in problem-solving due to the seniors’ technology efficacies, environmental conditions, social fabric and policy framework.

In your proposal, you need to indicate at least one theory or a framework of gerontology that is applied to value seniors in our society. It is important in the proposal to aspire to create an age-friendly society to reflect that the conditions of the community, social system and environment are conducive for ageing successfully.

Key issues of age-friendliness and any challenges faced by current or future seniors should be adequately articulated in the proposal.

As a program initiative for seniors, you need to assess the positive outcomes (at least two) and the potential challenges which might be encountered in its implementation. As holistic planning, there should be due consideration given to incorporate the ethical, legal and social issues relating to seniors.

You will be evaluated based on (1) the criteria for selection of the senior’s group, (2) how the case study is chosen, (3) how the two unmet needs are selected based on the framework of an Age-friendly society, (4) adaptation of the case study for Singapore, (5) proposal (incorporating gerontology theory or framework, ethical, leg.