As you read through the articles, make a mental (and physical) note about those that stand out to you as you will be referring to them in this week’s graded discussion activity. 

For this assignment you will have needed to read through all the links in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans E-lecture. In the linked articles there are many compliments and criticisms of the guidelines.

Choose one compliment or one criticism to discuss.

  1. Reference the specific linked article and the specific opinion you are referring to.
  2. State whether or not you agree with the opinion stated. Be specific in explaining why you agree or do not agree and find two valid sources of information to provide evidence of your judgement. Be sure your cite your sources.
  3. Comment on at least one other student post by including one of the following:
    1. Agreement with the student’s judgement and add to his/her supportive evidence.
    2. Disagreement with the student’s judgement using supportive evidence.

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