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Discussion – 06 American-centricity

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American-centricity is a Discussion assessment that encourages students to explore a country through a Congressional Research Service report.

Estimated Time

An estimated 60-90 minutes is needed to complete this activity.


Comparing countries is always done in context. The context of ones home country, lived experience, and pre-existing assumptions about other countries matter when comparing countries.

Assuming we have some degree of American-centricity when thinking about comparative politics and analyzing countries, it can be useful to see how this American-centricity is framed for the nations legislative body: The United States Congress.



  • Go to
  • Find a CRS report about a country that you are interested in learning more about
    • Please select a different country from Discussion – 04 Explore a Country
  • Read through the CRS report you selected
  • Summarize the report in 5 or more sentences


  • In your reply to a peer, be sure to include a link to the CIA World Factbooks page for your peers specific Country
  • In 3 or more sentences, share how the report or report summary relates to one of the 10 topics:
  1. Geography
  2. People and Society
  3. Government
  4. Economy
  5. Energy (depends)
  6. Communications
  7. Transportation
  8. Military and Security
  9. Terrorism (depends)
  10. Transnational Issues