This assignment focuses on American comic book Villain Review. So, take care to analyze the specific details of the villain as he/she is presented in comic books and films.

American comic book Villain Review

Compare and contrast an American comic book villain with a character from our reading this semester. Take care to analyze the specific details of the villain as he/she  presented in comic books and films. Delve into the specific depths of the literary character and how he/she is developed—and develops meaning—within the text(s) on our reading list. Unique and ambitious answers will receive higher scores.or a certain segment of society. Heaven is a comic book shop. Worlds apart from, say, twenty-five years ago when “funny books” were, for the most part, offered in racks at dime stores, or pharmacies, or peddled in front of Bloomingdales by guys who look like they’ve been struck by lightning (as Woody Allen notes in Manhattan).

American comic book Villain Review

Since then, purveyors of BatmanSuperman and Wonder Woman have moved their boxes, bags and backing boards from the fringe outer space to their own retail space. It’s wall-to-wall shelves loaded with X-MenAvengersSimpsons and Terminators. One can drift through a coral reef of comic books, a pop-culture sensory overload. And who doesn’t like to hang out there and discuss real issues? Forget about CNN, or for that matter any of the countless talking heads on TV. And forget about Starbucks; too many caffeine-heads tapping on their laptops.


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