An aspect of Manichaeism

It should be split into two segments: 500-750 words proposal and an eight-page paper. The paper can be on any aspect of Manichaeism and should utilize research drawn from different academic sources as well as Amin Malalouf’s The Gardens of Lights. The research proposal should outline what will be written in the final essay. The prompt is quite broad and allows for quite a bit of freedom.

Quick Response

Manichaeism is the dualistic religious movement.. It was founded in Persia by Mani in the third century. The movement spread to the Persian eastern provinces during the lifetime of Mani. The Manichaean community survived despite significant persecutions(Gulácsi, 2015). The perseverance of the movement led to the expansion until a Manichaean missionary reached the Chinese court in 694. This event led to the religious freedom of worship in china being introduced. The movement was a dualistic religion offering salvation through special knowledge of spiritual truth. This approach focused more on exploring and teaching about God’s nature. The individuals spearheading the movement believed that salvation only came through religious intelligence or by the spirit…

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