An evaluation of your personal leadership effectiveness.

For this task, you will conduct an evaluation of your personal leadership effectiveness.

You will write a paper evaluating your own leadership using a scholarly leadership theory. To help you refine your own leadership skills, you will develop at least two SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goals as part of your evaluation. § Write the paper in first person Please keep origination less than 25% for original works Include in text citations § Follow APA format and style when organizing your paper. You are encouraged to create a cover page, headers, and sub-headers throughout the paper. § The paper should be 6-10 pages, not including the cover page and references. § Please be both descriptive (who, what, when, and where) and explanatory (why and how). § Evaluators assess your paper based on the specificity of your response, not on the generalizations.

Quick Response

My personal leadership style is transformative, which encourages and empowers others to realize their dreams and capacities in their respective roles and responsibilities. The transformative leadership style is effective since it empowers others to approach various milestones and excel on their own as compared to bringing other personnel to accomplish the job and leave without skills impacted. Transformative leadership style builds on practicality and ability to use theoretical skills into the application. From a different approach, a transformative leader is known to inspire innovation. This arises when people are inspired to use available technology, skills, and resources to deliver the desired results. Therefore, transformation leadership can be thought to be effective particularly in the 21st century, characterized by rapid changes in the society particularly technological changes…

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