An internal evaluation of your international organisation’s human resource strategy

For this assessment, you will take the role of a HR manager, taking part in an internal evaluation of your international organisation’s human resource strategy and as a result produce a recommendations report for the HR Director. Please select an appropriate MNC of your choice. Your audit is from an ‘HR’ perspective as it is likely that the business will establish a joint venture in the new market which will require some staff to be recruited locally and also the relocation of some expatriate staff from within your organisation to manage the new venture alongside those of your joint venture partner. What are the economic drivers influencing the HR strategies in the host country? For example you can apply PESTLE analysis to analyse the host country‚Äôs economic profile as well as other factors such as (Globalisation, Consumer Behaviour, Advanced technology etc.) These areas can be discussed under this learning outcome.

Quick Response

An HR manager in Coca Cola company is expected to ensure that establishment of a joint venture in a new market is likely to face resistance and stiff competition. One strategy of dealing with such instance includes recruiting locally and improve the corporate image. Another strategy that Coca Cola needs to consider includes learning and acting on consumer behavior in the host country. Consumer behavior, in this case, includes identification of the holidays and other trends that promote the consumption of cold beverages such as weather and occasions. This will help to analyze the economic profile and to determine the most suitable approach to embrace. An example of the approach includes engaging advertisements that promote merrymaking and other trends noted in the host country(McDonough & Egolf, 2015)…

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