Minimum 1500-2000 words

Make observations of at least TWO of the course texts

summarize key ideas

integrate useful quotes

Use Dillard, Barkers and Rizters’ texts

Apply at least three analytical moves. Analyze your observations, using analytical moves from Chapter 4 of Writing Analytically:

Ask questions

Make connections/ notice patterns

“seems to be about X, but could be about Y”

Uncover at least two assumptions one or both authors make about how meaning is made.

Look at binary oppositions in how the authors each describe how meaning is made

Use analysis to arrive at an insight (thesis) of your own. There are different ways to approach it:

Your personal experience + the texts = new insight

Text 1 + Text 2 = new insight

Your interests + the texts = new insight

Explain how details (like quotes) from the sources help you develop your thinking and thesis.

Write to an academic audience

Cite Source Material

Include a Writer’s Memo Actions  either as a separate file or a separate page in your essay.