Analysis of the best countries for the senior citizens to retire.

Write about what this article is all about in terms of the concepts/ issues being studied: 2nd – 3rd paragraph Write about the focus of the issues and why this issue is important to be addressed: 4th – 6th paragraph Provide recommendations and implications from your critical perspectives, and how the discussed recommendations and implications can be fitted into UAE culture and environment: 7th – 8th paragraph. This write-up will require sufficient number of references to support your justifications and judgments. Minimum number of journal article references is five (5) from reputable journal between year 2015 2019.

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The concepts under study in the article entail analysis of the best countries for the senior citizens to retire. The countries introduced in the list are chosen based on the local lifestyle, climate, residency requirements, and healthcare. All the ten countries are relatively warm, which is required to harbor the senior citizens and keep them warm. The 4-6th paragraphs identify countries that support English speaking communities(Wood, 2019). The paragraphs also entail information that can be fitted into the UAE culture and environment due to the low culture. This will make the senior citizens have an affordable life and habitable culture respectively. Spain, Thailand, and Peru have beautiful scenery and a diverse landscape that promote tourism.

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