Your paper should be double spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman, black ink, minimum of2-3 pages, and written in and paragraph style (not bullet points). Your paper shouldhave introductory and concluding paragraphs. Your introduction should have anattention getter, a thesis statement, and a preview statement (what you will be doing inyour paper). Your conclusion should have a transition to your conclusion, a recap ofwhat you did in your paper, and a memorable closing statement. The body of the papershould address each of the question guides below by using the questions associatedwith each as guide. Not all of the questions will address the particular issues relevant tothe speech you watch, and/or you may want to address some issues in addition tothese. Your paper should be organized in such a way that the information within eachparagraph should be related and you should have transitions between paragraphs.Make sure to write in proper English, check your spelling, and maintain cohesivenessthroughout your paper.

Question Guides:

Body Paragraph #1: Organization

● Did this speech sound and look well-rehearsed? Support your answer.● What kind of evidence did the speaker use within the speech? Statistics?

Personal stories? Quotes? Other kinds of evidence?● Was the speech well organized? Support your answer.● Were the speaker’s transitions within the speech evident? How did they affect

the flow of the speech?● Was the speaker’s introduction effective? Why or why not?● Was the speaker’s conclusion effective? Why or why not?

Body Paragraph #2: Delivery

● What did the speaker do to build/increase credibility? Support your answer.● Do you think the speaker appeared confident and professional? Why or why

not?● What aspect of the speaker’s vocal delivery did he/she do well?● What aspects of gesturing and body movement did the speaker do well?● Do you think the speaker was effective in his/her facial expressions?● Do you think the speaker was effective in his/her vocal expressions? Why or

why not?

Body Paragraph #3: Advice

● What advice would you give the speaker about speech organization? Providespecific examples.

● What advice would you give the speaker regarding the delivery of thespeech? Provide specific examples.

● What can the speaker do to improve his/her gesturing, body movement, andfacial expressions?

● What can the speaker do differently with his/her vocal delivery?● What other advice would you give the speaker? Provide specific examples.

Watch this video to do this: