Analyze a change in which one has played a part

To analyze a change in which one has played a part. It can be a change from a work environment, an organization that the student is a member of, such as a sports league, or the student’s church, a nonprofit charity organization, etc. The selection of the change to be described should focus on the leadership process and the group dynamics, linking the appropriate concepts, models, and theories studied.

Quick Response

Effective leadership is necessary to influence successful change. The goals of leadership should ensure that changes are affected to promote the development of the organization advances to compete with other organizations. One of the most approach to introduce new concepts and changes includes the consideration of the 3 C’s of change leadership(Shek & Chung, 2015). The first C entails communication where the leaders should inspire to communicate the “what” and the “why.” The strategies and ideas of change should be explained respectively. The second C includes collaboration where the leader should include input from other parties. Finally, leaders should be committed to pursuing their dreams and vision. The commitment should be further accompanied by patience…

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