This assignment focuses on Florida state tax system. There is also a description of Analyze school budgeting. So, Base the needs on information you know about your school or a school of your choice

Florida state tax system : Analyze school budgeting

Analyze school budgeting and the Florida state tax system


Paper details:

As a new school principal, you are expected to efficiently use human, fiscal and technological resources to manage school operations, as well as, develop a full understanding of the academic expectations of the students. This understanding can be developed through the knowledge of not only how schools are funded, but also how to analyze the school budgeting process. In this project you are asked to identify and then analyze the Florida state tax system that funds local school districts. Understanding the tax system is imperative to be able to analyze the school budget, which enables the principal to manage the school operations.

Florida state tax system : Analyze school budgeting

This writing project will contain three major parts to your work, Part One; Part Two; and Conclusion.So, this research paper should  8-10 pages, double spaced, using the APA format. Cite your resources that you use to support your findings and decisions for the assignment. Part One: What formal taxing system exist in Florida that influence the equity of state funding with respect to individual school systems within Florida? Also, Identify and describe how the Florida school funding formula meets the goal of financial equity for K-12 students throughout the state. Also, discuss how you would modify this formula if you believe such modification is appropriate.

Analyze school budgeting

Armed with this data, identify specific human, fiscal and technological resources that require principal leadership management. Be specific in identifying these resources. Part Two: Identify a specific school/district budget. First: – Provide your assessment of the State of Florida’s level of fiscal effort in funding K-12 education. Examine the state’s tax base and the allocation of a portion of that tax base to funding K-12 education.

Florida state tax system : Analyze school budgeting

– Examine the spending priorities within a school budget and how it may or may not fit the needs of students. Base the needs on information you know about your school or a school of your choice. ALSO, (I will provide details about the school) – Talk about how you would prioritize financial needs and placement of funds for your school building. Also, give specific examples as to sustaining positive school relationships with families and caregivers within your community based upon your findings of spending priorities. (NELP 5.1, 5.3, 6.1, 6.2, & 6.3)

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