Analyze the ways in which an image or series of images from nature work as a metaphor for an attribute of the human condition in one of the poems or stories we have read in the class. Compose a well-organized academic paper that uncovers compelling connections between the imagery and the human condition. Research is not required but may be used, provided it comes from pre-approved scholarly sources.


The purpose of this assignment is to examine the ways in which American writers connect their experiences with natural occurrences, rather than grounding those experiences in the historical foundation of Western or European culture and its existing forms of artistic expression. This assignment will also help improve your academic writing skills. 


In your introduction, you should include a summary of the poem or short story that you will be analyzing, name the author, and explain how nature is used throughout the poem. The introduction should conclude with a well-developed thesis claim that is focused on an image or series of related natural images in the poem. 


The strongest thesis statements will answer these questions using precise language: The strongest thesis statements will answer these questions using specific language: What about the human condition does the imagery help reveal? How does the imagery work to address that aspect of the human condition? Why is imagery from nature used to demonstrate that aspect of the human condition?


Create a structure that highlights the relationship between nature and the human condition using detailed examples of the imagery from the poem:

  • Body paragraphs should be structured in one of two ways. 
  1. Locate different examples of the imagery and write a body paragraph on each example and how it supports a different understanding of the aspect of the human condition that you are analyzing. 
  2. Use the same imagery in each body paragraph but show a different way in which it may be seen to represent the human condition for each body paragraph. 
  • Organize body paragraphs with point claims, examples, and analysis.
  • Your conclusion should restate your main points in a way that reiterates the significance or “so what” of the gameful method that you have proposed to address your issue. 
  • Check to see that you include 3-5 body paragraphs and that your essay has met the minimum length requirement of three full pages. 
  • Format the essay using MLA style and revise for grammar and spelling.

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