1. Introduction:

Develop a research paper to address domestic intelligence collection and analysis of your selected terrorist group (Al Qaeda). Building on the information that you started, prepare a new research paper that addresses which intelligence collection disciplines and agencies are essential to effectively collect on and analyze information about the red cell threat you chose (Al Qaeda)

2. Domestic Intelligence Collection and Analysis:

Specify the most effective intelligence collection and analysis methods against the terrorist organization likely to conduct an attack within the United States that you selected by clearing answering all 3 of the following:

A) What domestic intelligence collection efforts would be best utilized on the organization you selected? (Intelligence Collection disciplines)

B) Which members of the IC would be the best collectors of intelligence on this particular organization within the country? (the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the intelligence community)

C) What intelligence analysis strategies would be the most effective and why? (choose only from the analytical strategies:
Analytical Methods
– Rational Choice
– Brainstorming Analysis
– Red Team/Cell Analysis
– Analysis of competing hypotheses)