M5D1: Analyzing Arguments

The purpose of this activity is to practice how to recognize and construct arguments. This activity aligns with module outcome 1. These questions are adapted from Stop & Assess and Discussion Activities.


At the end of each chapter from your text, there is a critical thinking issue with a pro and a con article attached. Please review the end of each of the chapters we have studied so far; by doing this, it will give you the opportunity to choose from an array of issues to focus on for this assignment.

Select one of the two articles from your chosen critical thinking issue which you believe provides the strongest argument. Then address the following items:

·        Define the issue and then identify the premises and the conclusion of the argument (ex: Marijuana has medicinal purposes. Marijuana does not have adverse health effects. Therefore, marijuana should be legal.).


·        Analyze the argument using the five guidelines for evaluating an argument (clarity, credibility, relevance, completeness, and soundness).


·        Identify the most compelling counter-argument to your argument and explain your reasoning.

To assist you in your research, the OWL and the Excelsior Library has the following tutorials and links for you to use:


·        Starting your Research (Links to an external site.)


·        Find Answers 24/7 (Links to an external site.)


·        Research Strategies (Links to an external site.)


·        Research Tips (Links to an external site.)


·        Research Questions (Links to an external site.)


·        The Research Process (Links to an external site.)


·        APA Style

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