Learning Goal: I’m working on a anatomy writing question and need support to help me learn.

There are 16 pages of anatomy lab, I need you to type out the answers. Must be typed out, it’s a fairly easy lab.

Unfortunately study pool only allows me to attach five attachments at a time. Just so you have an idea of what the lab is like here are the last five pages.

Upon acceptance of the assignment I will provide you the first 11 pages. They are fairly similar. Very easy assignment, I will leave it hefty tip if done correctly.

You will have two hours to complete this assignment, if need be I can add some time but not more then an additional hour.

The Circle portions were there has to be a drawing please make sure to fill it in with a drawing ( quality of the drawings does not matter you’re not meant to be an artist) do not copy paste an image from anywhere! Worst case scenario you can leave it blank for the circular drawing portion.