The assignment discusses Ancient American Civilization. Also, there is a description of Central North American continent. So, Sample a taste of the complexity of the civilizations.

Ancient American Civilization – Central North American continent

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Firstly, discuss the American civilizations of Central America (from Olmec to Aztec) and those of South America (from Chavin to Inca).  700-800 words and doubled spaced. Secondly, the continents of North and South America “discovered” by the European civilizations in the late 15th century A.D. But people from Asia arrived in the Americas at least 15,000 years ago. By the 15th century, many American civilizations had come and gone long before but many still vast and thriving. Sample a taste of the complexity of the civilizations of ancient America.

Ancient American Civilization – Central North American continent

The Caral-Supe civilization the oldest known advanced civilization in the American continents discovered to date. Discovered only as recently as the 21st century, the villages of the Caral Supe were located along the coast of central Peru. Nearly 20 separate villages have been identified, with a central place at the urban community at Caral. The city of Caral included enormous earthen platform mounds, monuments so large that they were hidden in plain sight.

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