For this this Annotated Bibliography, you will research at least five peer-reviewed articles published within the last ten years to support your analysis of one of the following topics:
* Behavior Analysis (previously known as behaviorism)
* Cognitivism
* Information processing
The topic you choose should be based on the area in which you would most like to develop your knowledge. Your choice should also consider your current interests in psychology and support your future career or personal goals.
There are 4 components to this assignment:
1. Introduction: Include your chosen focus area and your motivation for choosing this area to study further
2. The Annotated Bibliography itself
3. A Conclusion
4. A list of APA formatted references.
MUST : Provides a Complete Reference Page for Five Peer-Reviewed Articles, Including an Annotation That Explains the Theoretical Perspectives, Historical Trends, and/or Empirical Findings within the Article

Synthesizes the Articles as they Relate to the Chosen Topic in a Concluding Paragraph

Explains the Motivation for Using the Chosen Topic and Describes How This Topic Aligns with Future Career Goals

Please message for academic library login instructions as citations must be from online school library Link to academic library for citations this is APA 7th edition