Annotated Bibliography in Grief Therapy

An annotated bibliography is a list of bibliographic citations that includes a descriptive and evaluative paragraph of each citation. Each annotated bibliography has a word limit of 300 words and is written out in ONE (1) paragraph.

The cited source must be a peer-reviewed article. For this assignment, you need to submit a total of THREE (3) bibliographies where each is graded based on the following components:

  • begin each summary with a full reference of the article (this is the citation);
  • (leave an empty line spacing to begin the bibliography);
  • report the aims and objectives of the article;
  • describe briefly the key points of the source’s method of research;
  • describe how the article is relevant to your observation or opinion (i.e., similarities with and/or differences from your own perspectives on how psychology can be applied);
  • explain briefly the article’s implications that may have expanded your views on how psychology could be applied; and
  • using up to 300 words to present each summary. A cover page that adheres to the standards of the American Psychological Association (APA; 6th) writing convention must be included in your final submitted draft.

However, do not include an “abstract” section and “reference” sections. The contents of your writing should also adhere to the APA (6th) writing format standards. This assignment is based on individual effort. Both the softcopy and hardcopy of the annotated bibliography are due on To select citations related to hypnotherapy, grief therapy and bereavement.