Learning Goal: I’m working on a anthropology exercise and need the explanation and answer to help me learn.

Read the following PDF about the body rituals among the Nacirema () and take thorough notes about the culture’s traditions.

You have (presumably) life-long, in the field interactions with the Nacirema. If you do not think this is so, I suggest you review the location of the Nacirema (between the Canadian Creek, the Tarahumare of Mexico and Carib/Arawak of the Caribbean Antilles. Email me ([email protected]) if you are unaware of what group is the Nacirema.

For your journal reflect on the following from the outsider’s perspective:

1. Did you find any of their body ritual peculiar, which one and why?

2. Did you find some of their habits useless, cruel, and/or insensible? Why?

3. Choose a body ritual from the Nacirema (not in the reading) and describe it from an outsider’s perspective.

For example, when an individual from the culture engages in their courting process they do so through the practice known as gnitad. As part of this practice, the Nacirema will engage in gnirewohs to get rid of any grime from the past. They use harsh soaps to fully lather their skin as they stay underneath for a set period of time under falling water. The amount of time varies among individuals. They usually use this time to think about the day that has gone or the day to come, and sometimes sing melodies.

Obviously for this journal, you cannot use showering as the body ritual.

If you are at a loss for choosing a ritual that is not described in the reading, keep in mind who are the Nacirema! If you do not know who they are or how you have interacted with the Nacirema (trust me, you have), email me ASAP!

You can google around for examples. However, do not, I repeat, DO NOT use the examples you found online. You will get zero points if you plagiarize the examples. For more information on my policy on Academic (dis)Honesty, please check the .