Complete these two different activities. Please label the first one The status of Women and the second one Arranged Marriages Two paragraphs per discussion or more.  

Part 1

Watch the Ted Talk “” by Sheryl Wu Dunn.

  • What do you think about her claim that the central moral challenge of the last century is gender inequity or the oppression of women and girls worldwide?

  • What are the solutions to women’s global inequality that she discusses and why is education so important?

  • Explore the internet to learn about how child brides experience inequality and reflect on what you learned.

  • What do we need to do as global citizens to address the ongoing oppression of women and girls?

  • Address her question: “What is in it for you?”

Part 2

Watch the TedTalk by Omar Durrani and respond to the questions below.

Arranged marriages are arranged or negotiated by the immediate family of a bride and groom.  Approximately 55% of all marriages globally are arranged.  Our U.S. ideal of meeting the person of your dreams is uniquely Western.  Among arranged marriages, only 4% of these marriages end in divorce.  Divorce rates in the U.S. are over 50%.  Why do you think this is the case?  Discuss brideprice, which is practiced in approximately 44% of marriages globally. What do you think are some advantages and disadvantages to the practice of arranged marriage. How do economics come into play?  How does economics and class come into play in traditional U.S. marriage practices?