Anthropology World News

Anthropology is not just about “old fossils” or “far-away exotic peoples.” In fact, anthropology is part of our lives, and is often in the news, and I can prove it!

To complete this activity you need to find a recent news article from the Guardian Weekly ( AND is RELEVANT to Anthropology . Browse the articles and find one that captures your interest. If you don’t see anything on the first page, browse the older posts (there are usually at least one hundred postings, so I am confident something will appeal to you).

Value: 8% of your overall grade
Deadline: AUGUST 15th by MIDNIGHT: Late assignments will incur a daily reduction of 10%


Summarize the content of the article. What is it about? What evidence is given? Remember to cite your article source using APA format, both in the written portion, and as a reference at the end of your work.

Identify its relevance to Anthropology and what approaches could be applied in addressing the substance of the news article (such as what subfield would it align with) … in one paragraph.

Briefly discuss what it is about the article that you found interesting. You may use personal reflections in this particular journal post (for example, “I went there, so this is interesting to me!” or “I have always enjoyed collecting twigs…”).


Choose and read an online article at the Guardian website.

Write a short response answering the questions above and submit your work as a WORD document WITH YOUR NAME in the filename via EMAIL.

Keep to a 500-word limit for your assignment. If you significantly exceed the length parameters listed, you will lose marks. In other words, keep it brief and to the point.

Grade criteria: Your work will be evaluated against the following criteria:



Title and date of the online article you chose and YOUR NAME


Summation of the article


Identification of the subfield of anthropology with which article could be associated, and why you think so


Discussion of what it is about the article that you found interesting


Grammar, structure, punctuation, and clarity (no slang, swearing, or texting language)


Response remains within the specified length




This graded assignment requires that you submit your work VIA EMAIL AS A WORD DOC. Attachment. Make sure you INCLUDE YOUR NAME On YOUR DOCUMENT.