You are required (individually) to write a final critical essay that (a) relates to recurrent themes and academic concepts and (b) applies a sociological, criminological, and closely related theories in the form of (c) a short case study on Appalachian culture, the role of Appalachian culture in mobilizing for social/political change, and/or a systematic or comparative analysis that elaborates your position on Appalachian culture (e.g. you may want to select a particular religious group, musical trend, historical characteristics of poverty, coal and the environment, other major social problems or concerns in the area, etc.). These are only a few examples. Each essay should be about 6-8 pages (about 1200-1800 words) including a title page, body of the text, references, and any charts or tables (minus all the title and references or charts, I’d say a solid 5 pages of the actual body of the paper at min). The paper should conform to ASA or APA guidelines, be 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.