Apple/Microsoft Recommendation for Investment

Part 1 word limit of 2,500

Based on a combination of financial and qualitative analysis, you need to recommend investment in one of the two organizations, having drawn a comparison against each other. Your recommendation should be made upon the completion of the following tasks for each entity:  

  1. Conduct horizontal analysis to observe trends over time in the major components of the financial statements, both the Income Statement and the Statement of Financial Position. With comments on the most interesting observations
  2. Conduct vertical analysis on the same items as those analyzed for the horizontal analysis, commenting on your observations and specifically on any new findings you discover;  
  3. Prepare a budgeted income statement and statement of financial position for the next year after each entity’s most recent financial statements, which follow the logic of both your horizontal and vertical trend analysis
  4. Provide recommendations that would enhance each organization’s financial performance and position in the next twelve months. That should include improvements to the organization’s strategy, its financing levels, and its funding arrangements.  

Consider:  financial analysis and the use of vertical and horizontal analysis over a period of three to five years; an attempt at budgeting one year into the future from the most recent financial statements; and careful consideration of strategic and other objectives of the organization and the manner in which they are likely to manifest in your collective opinion. 


Part 2: limit of 500 words.

Complete an individual report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Microsoft.  Report should be addressed to the board of directors and focus on how the pandemic has impacted the organization, either positively and/or negatively, and provide some strategic recommendations for future development of organization. Your recommendations must be realistic so that the organization could potentially implement them. Report must focus on the distant future and should not overlap too much with part 1 report which has a short-term focus.

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