Groups of 2-4, can be done individually

  1. Make a sponsorship application for your imaginary (or real) esports team
  2. Make it look like a professional application and do it for a real life brand (check brands guideline)
  3. What kind of sponsorship deal are you looking for? E.g., Title sponsor / Technical sponsor.


Project/team/personal details, e.g. experience, achievements, goals

Audience/Social reach (Do you have a loyal fan base?) In most situations, if you do not have an audience you will not be relevant… If you do not have an audience explain why you are relevant to the community and what are the possibilities in audience reach in the future

Don’t ask too much but don’t underestimate your value

As a tip:

It is basic business sense to be professional, sponsors and businesses won’t get behind someone with offensive or racist language. Be careful what you say and how you express yourself. There have been quite a few “incidents” in the past. Sponsors are very aware of their reputation. Sponsorship works both ways and besides ROI, sponsor wants to get positive attention.

Try not to be too brief then again don’t write too long. 2 pages absolute max. (include your imaginary logo etc etc) try to make the application more “visual”

Assignment instructions:

Each group will make a sponsorship application and receive one. The feedback for the sponsorship application will be given by your fellow colleagues. Groups will send the application to the next group orderly: e.g. group number 1 sends their application to group number 2, whichever will be the last group will then naturally send their application to group number 1. Please see the separate group sheet.

Some questions to think about:

Why would you sponsor them or why not? Is there potential? Is something lacking? What would you have required more? Is there a room for some negotiation? Would you alter the deal or make a counter-offer?