Applying Creative Commons


Learning Objective: 

  • Students will create a process diagram. 

Why? Process diagrams are used to communicate what steps and decisions are in a business process. A process diagram is created digitally (using software) and communicates to other business colleagues (e.g. employees, kaizen team members, boss, engineers, etc.). 

  1. Learn
    1. Watch this 4 min youtube video on process flow charts (same thing as process diagram) 

Skim this article on process diagrams. Note that a rectangle is one process and a diamond is a decision point. 

Recreate the process diagram in Figure 1 “Process Flow Diagram for Empowering a Project Team” on the  You may use any tool for creating process diagrams. Professor recommends using your  as your user account. 

  1. Use rectangles, diamonds, connection lines, and text inside the objects
  2. Background color of the objects is not important. Readable text in the object is important. 
  3. Connect your objects with flow lines.
  4. You are NOT required to add the labels “Step1”, “Step 2” etc. Most process diagrams do not have step labels as the step number is determined by the connection lines.
  5. Paste the process diagram here
  6. Select a process at your work that has at least six steps. Diagram the process. Decision diamonds are encouraged but not required depending on which process you are diagramming. If you do not have a workplace process (e.g., full time student), then you may diagram a process from a How It’s Made video of your choosing 
  7.    Select any How It’s Made video and diagram the major steps in the process with at least six steps. Paste the process diagram here.



  1. Paste your two diagrams directly in this MS Word document. 
  2. Rename the MS Word document to include your last name. 
  3. Upload the document to lessonsweek2Turn in Process Diagram

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