Select a student in your class or a student you have observed.  Using the educators we have discussed to explain how you would answer these questions.

Needed Knowledge Where Are You Going to Look for this Information? How Are You Going to Use this Information in Your Class?
What was the student’s first language? I am going to ask the student (1) I will use some of the words from his language in class. (0)
How similar is that language to English? Spanish sounds a like English. (1) I will ask the student to say some Spanish words. (1)
How did the student learn that language? (formal school instruction, family, friends, TV) I don’t know. (0) I don’t know (0)


Each answer is worth 4 points for a total of 176 points.  The highest score the student could receive was 24.  The number of points the student received are noted in bold.  In this case the student got 3 points.

Better answers would be:  I am going to listen to the student and try to identify certain words.  I will then look up these words on the internet and ask the student if he is speaking Spanish.  A better answer for the second part of the question would be:  If possible I will identify students who speak his language and seat the student near them.  I would also use this knowledge when assigning groups.

You can discuss this with other class members but please don’t copy each other’s work.