This assignment focuses on Rhetorical Analysis: Approaching Structure. There is also a description of Sub-claim Rhetorical Strategy. So, provide an account of the rhetorical situation sufficient to establish the audience’s presuppositions

Rhetorical Analysis: Approaching Structure : Sub-claim Rhetorical Strategy

Rhetorical Analysis



For this paper, you are asked to write a comprehensive argument analysis based on one of our readings this semester that addresses the following prompt:

Identify and provide a brief explanation of the author’s argument; identify two persuasive strategies that the author uses to support his or her argument and analyze how those strategies might persuade the reader to support the claim; discuss the assumption(s) on which the argument is based; and evaluate the extent to which the reader would find the argument convincing. Be sure to follow these directions carefully, rather than simply agreeing or disagreeing or writing an extensive summary of the article.

Rhetorical Analysis: Approaching Structure : Sub-claim Rhetorical Strategy

Successful papers will:  Firstly, Begin with a concise introduction that contextualizes the your analysis and signals the structure or layout of the paper,.

Secondly, Provide an account of the rhetorical situation sufficient to establish the audience’s presuppositions. Thirdly, Accurately map the basic layout of the rhetor’s principal sub-claims; identify claim, data, and warrant

    Demonstrate how the rhetor employs at least two rhetorical strategies to further their argument among their intended audience.


Note that the length of this paper is capped at three pages. Accordingly, you must budget your space by writing succinctly. The goal is to convey meaning using as few words as possible. This takes a great deal of time and revision.

Detailed Instructions


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Rhetorical Analysis: Approaching Structure


·         Sample structure/organization


There isn’t a single, universal structure to a rhetorical analysis. However, I offer here one approach to guide those who are looking for a starting place.


·         Introduction

·         Background/context
For this part, think of a rhetorical precis in which you outline the rhetorical situation, accounting for the intended audience, rhetor, purpose, and exigency. Additionally you should note the rhetor’s main claim and purpose

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