There are two very important questions I need your answer and your opinion on:

First: After the supervisor’s guidance, it will be (the fourth chapter is a disclosure), and therefore I must divide the number of words in each chapter. And here I ask you about your point of view: in distributing the number of words to each chapter, and whether it is appropriate to combine some chapters, as the focus will be on (Chapter 4 Disclosure), and if you have a point of view to modify the titles of some chapters it will be more accurate.

Second: I have a point of view in my ( Question Research ) but I really need your clear guidance after reading my Topic and taking enough knowledge about my thesis; i faced these questions:-

A- What do you write to achieve?

B- what the main massage or argument of the ( Thesis )?

C- How is the work going to contribute to the future of my field?

-What path will you take to the end?

?-What is the desired goal for your based on your question at the end of my research?-What is the ultimate goal you would to get accurately?

D-What is the practical value to you of doing this?

E- Case study we use? ( methodology )?