Directions: Answer each question thoroughly and cite and use credible sources only: Example of those sources: court cases, court rulings, scholarly articles, and writings. Each answer should be minimum 1 paragraph. No introductions/conclusions are needed.


Employees in your company have discussed forming a union.


Question 1: Are there any restrictions on the company’s actions or statements regarding forming a union?


Question 2: If employees go on strike, is the company allowed to fire them and hire replacements?


Question 3: Are there situations where a company may discriminate against an employee?



Question 4: What is reasonable accommodation, and when does it apply?


Question 5: Can a company refuse to hire someone:


With a visible tattoo?

Someone who is transgender?

A white person to work in a Chinese restaurant?

A black actor to play the role of Amelia Earhart?


Question 6: Do you agree with the laws regarding discrimination?