Are all sentences complete and correct?

Are there any run-on sentences? Have you used conjunctions and correct punctuation between independent clauses?

Are there any sentence fragments? Does each sentence have a subject and verb and express a complete thought?

Descriptive Paragraph


Does the writing “show” the reader details rather than “telling” about them?

Does the paragraph describe a person, place or object?

Have you touched on at least three of the senses in your use of sensory language?

Informative Paragraph


Does the paragraph clearly inform the reader about a topic?

Is the paragraph based on information or facts rather than opinion?

Is the tone of the paragraph neutral and objective?



Have you checked your paragraph for grammatical errors?

Have you used Spell-Check or another method to check spelling?

Have you used punctuation correctly?

Before you Submit


Have you underlined your topic sentence, one supporting sentence and your concluding sentence in each paragraph?

Have you clearly labeled each paragraph as either “Descriptive” or “Informative”?

Have you clearly identified the intended audience and purpose above each paragraph?

Have you included your name, date and course at the top left of the page?

Is each paragraph between 200-300 words?



Have you answered all of the reflection questions thoughtfully and thoroughly?

Are your answers to the reflection questions included on a separate page below your paragraphs?

Have you met or exceeded the required length for each reflection response?

Reflection Questions


What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are in terms of sentence construction and paragraph development? (1-2 sentences)

Explain how writing for a particular purpose and audience shaped each of your paragraphs. (3-5 sentences)

Discuss your feelings about writing in different modes. Is there a particular mode you enjoy writing in more than another? (3-5 sentences)

Explain how different writing modes that you have learned about might be applied to scenarios in your real life. (3-5 sentences)