For your Argumentative Essay, you will choose a side from ONE of the following closely-related prompts:

1. Are we in the United States becoming a universal nation?

2. Can the United States be the model for a universal nation?

3. Should the United States be the model for a universal nation?

In writing the essay, you are to include for evidence and support no fewer than FIVE (5) of the articles, websites, etc., that we have examined in our discussion of those questions in our Unit 4: New American Mosaic (all such sources may be found in the Unit 4 Folder on Schoology).

Since this is a formal argument, the use of the first-person (“I”) and second-person (“you”) is prohibited. Furthermore, you are to utilize appeals to logos and ethos ONLY—NO appeals to pathos are to be used (since they are considered inappropriate for a serious, intellectual argument).

Your essay must include:
a) A clear title which repeats the question in the prompt
b) An introductory paragraph with a hook, appropriate background information, and a clear thesis statement that argues for one side or the other
c) Acknowledgment and rebuttal of opposing viewpoints
d) effective and proper inclusion of evidence from source materials
e) proper MLA in-text citations
f) a Works Cited page in proper MLA format
g) a cogent argument of 3-5 pages
h) proper revision, proofreading, and editing of the final draft
i) a proper heading, formatting, and spacing.