Based off the response below please answer this question. Are you familiar with any evidence-based transition strategies? If yes, what are these and what evidence are you familiar with in regard to the strategies you provide? This can be answered in 150 words.



The students should practically be aware of self that is they must collect and chart their assessment data so they come to know the strengths and weaknesses. When utilizing information, and statistics with the undergraduate augments students’ measurements to contact, analyze, and customs information to effectually reproduce, set goals, and article growth. The students have an intellect of possession concluded the goals they set because they are well-versed by the data, they comprehend. Following are three reasons characterizing the significance of the collection and charting own assessment data.


✓ It permits students to get educated and take charge and ownership of the progress. Also, it makes them capable enough to set a vision followed by a mission and set appropriate goals. It will impact their self-esteem optimistically, and they will become confident in terms of decision-making (Dyer, 2016).


✓ The motivational level may augment. Gaining expertise in terms of data collection, and skills will make them organized. Also, students will learn to assemble and prioritize data and present it formally in a graphic style.


✓ Data collection and management of information systems is an imperative part of the routine. Thus, gaining experience will make them efficient. They participate in an intentional course in which the students evaluate, and calculate their contemporary level of expertise, aptitude, set goals, track progress, and replicate and communicate results.




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