Write a 2-3 pg paper that will explore the tensions that emerged within Argentine society in the closing half of the nineteenth century. You will complete this comparing and contrasting the discussion of immigration, the popular classes, and indigenous peoples from the writings of prominent Argentine elites, Alberdi, Sarmiento, and Lugones, and compare them to the experiences of Sola and Namuncurá. 

The main criteria for a successful paper will be your ability to develop a research question and argument, and connect them to the major themes of this module and others. Sources Read: The Argentina Reader Civilization or Barbarism by Domingo Sarmiento Immigration as a Means of Progress by Juan Bautista Alberdi The Caudillo’s Order by Juan Manuel de Rosas Letter to the President by Chief Manuel Namuncurá An Expedition to the Ranquel Indians by Lucio V. Mansilla Making it in America by Oreste Sola National Identity in a Cosmopolitan Society by Lepoldo Lugones Rubric 

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