Art and Experience – The Fickle Constant of Uncertainty

Write a PHILOSOPHICAL PAPER focused on the play “Endgame” (by Samuel Beckett) overcoming nihilism and nothingness, (post-) apocalypse, ruins, humor, courage, the continuity of art and humanity. Complementing with ideas gained from modern philosophical analysis as of “On the Marionette Theater” (by Heinrich von Kleist) ..dreaming rightly produces illusions, divine / human knowledge, art against / and nature – Show the thesis and objective at the beginning / introduction of the essay (must be a focused essay from the beginning) – During the essay give at least 4-5 central points of the thesis – Make a conclusion – It is CRUCIAL to support the points with evidence in text references / citations – References should be taken EXCLUSIVELY from the documents provided – References must be indicated in parentheses “(Beckett 24)” – Please make a PHILOSOPHICAL WORK, not just a resume from sources references Sources references: Endgame (Samuel Beckett) + On the Marionette Theater (Heinrich von Kleist)

Quick Response

The play “Endgame” by Samuel Beckett illustrates the sense of despair and hopelessness among the characters. The play projects human condition and behavior while in difficult times. This is identified through the theme of emptiness and loneliness as noted in the drama and romance between Cob and Hamm. The play can be equated to the game of chess where various outcomes are decided before the final endgame occurs(Byron, 2007). The characters are forced by circumstances to struggle to get through one more day despite numerous challenges and death. The play uses the light and darkness symbolism where death connotes darkness and light connotes life respectively. Life and death is a component experienced by everyone and hence the play is meant to inspire people to make their actions and decisions count daily…

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