As we explore US History through an Indigenous lens, we will be more focused on the grand story that history is trying to tell us than on detailed specific moments in time, meaning that learning about Indigenous Nations in a specific detailed fashion will often be saved for an advanced course. In an effort to allow you the opportunity to delve into learning about specific Tribal Nations, I will offer a number of extra credit opportunities in which you can research specific tribal nations.

Select one of the five Tribal Nations below and research the history of the tribe and the current conditions of the tribe:

The Blackfeet

The Crow

The Ho-Chunk

The Kiowa

The Osage

Your research should go beyond Wikipedia and should include engagement with the online materials provided by the Tribal Nation in the present, as well as a significant historical source. Some of the questions you might address in your written response might be: Which confederation or language grouping did/does the tribe belong to? What did their lifestyle look like? How did they structure their society/government? What did their relations to the early European settlers look like? Where is this tribe located today? What are the issues the tribe faces in the present (Written Response – 200 words)