This assignment focuses on the aspect of strategic management. There is also a description of strategy-as-practice perspective. So, identify an appropriate strategic process or event and apply the perspective to it to develop understanding

Aspect of strategic management-strategy-as-practice perspective

ASSESSMENT Using the strategy-as-practice perspective, analyse an aspect of strategic management in your own organization and critically assess the value of the framework in understanding the strategy process in organizations. Word Count: 4000 words Assessment Criteria: 1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the strategy-as-practice perspective. Secondly,  Identify an appropriate strategic process or event and apply the perspective to it to develop understanding. Thirdly,  evaluate the application of strategic management theory to company situations using case study examples.

Aspect of strategic management-strategy-as-practice perspective

Fourthly, appropriately presented and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Once a strategic analysis of the company’s environment has been carried out, you can move onto listing the strategic choices your company can take to meet its objectives. If you need to increase revenue by 25 percent, for instance, over the next 12 months, listing your strategic choices will help you come up with ways to scale up resources, change company policy and reinvent business processes so as to reach the increased revenue goal. The key to this process is open communication. Discussing your options with your stakeholders — employees, customers, board members and concerned community members — will give you a 360-degree view of where the company can tweak or modify its policies and processes to better position itself for success.

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