This LTCM221 Intercultural Communication assignment explores aspects leading to intercultural development. So, state which ones and explain their effect

LTCM221 Intercultural Communication : aspects leading to intercultural development

 LTCM221 Intercultural Communication


1.    To what extent do you feel your intercultural communication skills have improved since the beginning of the course? How do you know this?  Besides, What particular aspects of the course have contributed to this development? Which other factors outside the course (e.g. friends, travelling, media etc.) have also affected this development? State which ones and explain their effect.Intercultural communication is the study and practice of communication across cultural contexts.  

LTCM221 Intercultural Communication : aspects leading to intercultural development

Also,  It applies equally to domestic cultural differences such as ethnicity and gender. Then,  to international differences such as those associated with nationality or world region. Intercultural communication is an approach to relations among members of these groups that focuses on the recognition and respect of cultural differences.

Then, seeks the goal of mutual adaptation leading to biculturalism rather than simple assimilation, and supports the development of intercultural sensitivity on the part of individuals and organizations to enable empathic understanding and competent coordination of action across cultural differences. The following paragraphs expand on the definitions of “communication” and “cultural context”based on principles of constructivism [See the section on “Constructivism” for a definition and discussion of that term], and then summarize the development of intercultural sensitivity as the basis for exercising competent intercultural communication.

Make sure that your answers for each question are well-developed with examples and explanations. Avoid short paragraphs with little information.

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