Adolescents are known to search for their identity, to be especially influenced by peer groups, to struggle to establish a degree of independence from the family, and to strive to develop a sense of gender role. Adolescents from immigrant families may face special stresses and tensions, due to differences in gender roles, family structure and cohesiveness, and differences in emphasis between individual and group values between the family’s original culture and the host culture. Too often, this can lead to alienation from both the positive elements of the host culture and of the family, with resultant problems such as psychological distress, delinquency, and substance abuse.

For this task, you will look at evidence-based and model programs aimed to ameliorate the stress of acculturation for adolescents. Then, you will write an essay that includes the following:

Identify and list the names of at least three programs (evidence-based or model programs) aimed at ameliorating the negative impact of acculturation on adolescents. Each program should target a different ethnic group or nationality.
Identity the particular characteristics of this group and how immigration and acculturation challenge the adolescents of this group.
Describe how Berry’s acculturation model might be applied to the group described in the research.
Explain the program and compare the mechanisms for healthy acculturation in the program to the ones mentioned in the text, such as language, education, and support groups.
Identify unanswered questions and needs for further research.

Support your paper with at least three research articles published in peer reviewed journals.